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In September 1991, the successor to the successful Peugeot 205 model, type 106, came to the market. The first year it was only available as a three-door hatchback, and the basic engines - 1.0 liter and 1.1 liter gasoline four-cylinder - used a carburetor to prepare the mixture. The year 1996 brings the small Peugeot a modernization and with it the top GTI version with an atmospheric 1.6 with 16-valve head and 120 horsepower. Compared to the regular version, it differs in plastic trims on the fenders and new aluminum wheels. And that's exactly the kind of GTI I'm going to present to you.

The silver Peugeot 106 GTI from Košice underwent extensive renovation. The biggest problem that plagues these cars is the corrosion of the sills and rear fender edges. But with this piece, that's a thing of the past. All corroded body parts were repaired and thoroughly treated, including cavities. The original paint is preserved on the 106 GTI. The old stock shock absorbers were replaced by Bilstein Group N sports shock absorbers on both axles. Up front they work with purple strings from Eibach. The body is also strengthened by the OMP front strut. All brake pads and discs were replaced with Brembo Maxline products, including new brake hoses and pipes, which like to rust near the rear wheels.

The renovation also included the engine. It was disassembled down to the last screw and every part was checked by hand. The crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and camshafts remain stock and are in excellent condition. The engine received all new bearings and a reassembled head with new seals. Otherwise, the ECU stays original, which means an output of 120 hp (87 kW). However, it breathes a little easier, the air intake is slightly adjusted, even though it may seem original at first glance. On the other side, there are aftermarket 4-2-1 exhaust manifold that goes into a stainless steel pipe. At the back, there is an interesting feature in the form of ending into two exhaust tips. The exhaust is equipped with an Y-branch with an electronic valve. City crossings are thus peaceful towards the neighbours, but behind the dashboard, with one switch, the wonderful soundscape of this lively 1.6 appears.

The interior remained in its manufacture condition with a few minor modifications. The original seats are very comfortable and hold the body well even during faster turns, the driver's seat is equipped with 4-point Schroth belts. The cabin seems spartan, but in fact for the 90s and the B-segment there is quite a lot of equipment in it. Electric front windows, electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors, 2 airbags, just air conditioning is already a thing of the past. The current owner also installed a complete sound system from Alpine in the interior. The steering wheel is from an older model 205, the original is on a shelf in the garage and is part of a few other spare parts in the sale. 106 is currently driven on 15-inch set of aluminum wheels with Toyo Proxes 195/45 R15 tires. The vehicle also comes with a set of 14-inch original rims with 185/60 R14 winter tires. All wheel dimensions are written in the technical document. A Peugeot 106 GTI has been parked in the current owner's garage since 2015. Since the 106 GTI is only a weekend car, it was parked in the warm garage during the winters. However, at the moment, something bigger would be useful in his garage, so he is offering his Peugeot for sale for €9,500 or near offer

Peugeot 106 GTI 16V
year of manufacture 1997
1,6 gasoline 120 horsepower 145 Nm
5-speed manual gearbox
front wheel drive
mileage 216 500 kilometres
2x key
VIN VF31CNFXE52008782

9 500 €

Ján (Košice)
+421 911 546 207

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Text & Photo: Mateo


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